Saturday, January 21, 2012

Add It To The List....

Of things I never thought I would say~~~~

"James Daniel! Get that puppy out of the fig tree!!!!"

And, if it looks like Sadie spends most of her time asleep (on the couch by the way, where she is not supposed to be), its because she is exhausted from all the "love" she gets when she is awake. Yesterday I looked out the window to check on James and Sadie. He had her propped up in a fork in the fig tree. Her little legs were going ninety to nothing trying to get down. James' reasoning was that Sadie just wanted to climb the tree like him. Poor Sadie, she is either going to be the most loved happiest dog in town, or the most miserable....


  1. OK...that's just plain cute. I'm reading a book right now called "A Dog's Purpose" and those adorable pictures are exactly as the book describes how the puppy feels. You can see the love in both the eyes of the pup and your son. Absolutely precious.

  2. Where's our picture?
    They must be in heaven with the puppy, I know my kids were.