Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year and A New Skill...

Today I am linking up at Homestead Revivals Barn Hop.

Well, when living on a little hobby farm you learn new things. You pretty much have to.

When I was sitting in my Victorian Literature class in college I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be able to do the things I can do today. As I've said before, I always wanted to have the picturesque farm-life, I just never wanted the farm-work. Sitting around reading Victorian Literature was more of my thing.

Well, today I got an education of a new sort~~lets just call it Rabbit Gender Identification 101.

We still have four bunnies to sell and as they are rapidly approaching maturity we decided it was best to separate the girls from the boys before we had LOTS more little bunnies to sell.

Mark and Matt built another super-duper rabbit hutch and got it set up for the male bunnies.
Matt is turning into quite a carpenter.

This is George, the Big Daddy rabbit. There is absolutely no confusion in the fact that he is a male. "All man," as Mark would say.

James and I got some bunny-holding time in too. The day started out stormy and rainy, but by the time we left church it was short-sleeve sunny weather. That's BBQ sauce on his cheeks by the way.

While Matt, Mark, and I checked each little rabbit, sometimes we had to check them many times over as we became more and more confused, James played in the pear tree. He had some kind of airplane thing going and it was keeping him occupied. So we went with our favorite parenting instinct which has served us well so far-if the kids are happy and aren't hurting themselves or anyone else, just let them be.

A little innocent bunny before he was checked by MamaHen, who really didn't know what she was looking for to begin with. I mean, I know what I was looking for, but on little bunnies, it can be hard to tell, if you get my drift...

We think we have them in the right cages now. We have the Boys Dorm and the Girls Dorm and hopefully there will be no dorm-hopping without express permission from Dorm-Director. And hopefully we got the genders right. I guess we will know in about six weeks. Unless some wonderful soul comes along to purchase the bunnies. Right now I might pay you to take them...

Abbie sat around and looked beautiful while we were working. It comes pretty natural to her. And if the child doesn't stop growing up I'm going to....

Well, do something. I don't know what yet.

So, did you learn any fun new skills like I did on this New Year's Day?


  1. nothing like that........ mainly that my daughter has an amazing ability to get into my bed without my being aware and then take over the entire thing.

  2. I've learned that this crazy AL weather causes "the sinus" ti go haywire. So miserable.

  3. We did have a nice day yesterday, didn't we? Yet the cold weather is creeping upon us again. Brrr!

    And, I understand what you mean about the Victorian literature. I'm more comfortable reading it than I am rolling up my sleeves and doing the hard work. The Victorian era was mostly only fun for the upper classes. The Beatrix Potter videos make it look so idyllic, and it was for the upper classes.

  4. Hi, thanks for stopping by to comment! I'm glad to be back and be welcomed by old bloggy friends! PS love "the Pig" shirt!! =)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I really enjoyed reading yours today. :) Don't you just love raising rabbits? We really enjoy ours.

  6. I didn't learn anything as useful as that! Just how to make a new table runner... :) Must expand my skills a bit, musn't I?!

  7. You AND Abbie looked beautiful, might I add! I'm so proud of you for posting a pic of yourself!

  8. Your son did a great job on the hutch! I know he has a sense of pride when he was done helping the family in this way!

    We raise rabbits too. We do sell some, but mostly we raise as a meat source for our family. we will be breeding two more of our does in two weeks so we will have some "bunnies" ready during spring should anyone wan to buy one for a pet.

    Have a super week!