Sunday, February 5, 2012

Around Our Little House This Week....


~Mark and the big boys were busy this weekend. Matt and Mark finished up another rabbit hutch. It was a necessity. You see, we thought we had all the males and females properly separated.We didn't. Mark didn't think they were mature enough to make babies anyway so we weren't too worried about it. Well, well, well. How can I put this delicately? ........ They are mature enough. So, Saturday Matt spent the day building another hutch. I guess we will find out in 28 days about bunnies. Ya'll, please take a bunny--perfect for Easter pictures and I don't care what you do with them after the picture, if you get my drift....

~Tyler cleared a big tree place in our pasture. Mark and the boys worked on it all last weekend and Tyler was able to finish it up yesterday. It was a really big job. He also cleaned up an old barn area and the place where we have our burning barrel. He is making room for the raspberries and new grapes Mark got yesterday. Just as soon as our yard isn't mud soup anymore he can get them planted. Mark loves growing fruit and I enjoy making jams and jellies so it works out perfectly. And having four pickers isn't bad either!

~Sadie, the puppy, is growing ninety to nothing. She is already bigger than the full-grown fat cats. She likes puppy chew sticks, pulling on our socks, and getting right under your feet whenever you move to go in any direction. She hates baths and when the cats get in her line of vision. She is trying hard to be the dominate animal here at the Ole Clark Homestead and the cats are having none of it. MamaHen is eagerly awaiting the day when Sadie can move into the goat pen--with the goats!

~We are all ready for the goats and now we are just waiting on warmer weather. We are pretty sure we want to get a doe with a baby or about to have a baby and then one other doe. It suddenly hit me on the way home from church today that if we get a full-grown goat she may already have a name. Naming them is half the fun!

~I will be ordering some new chicks the spring. I'm going to wait until April or May. Our layers are about two years old and we need to start replacing the ones that will stop laying soon. I really like looking at all the chicken catalogs that come in. Right now I am leaning towards more Buff Orphingtons and some Wyndottes.

~I sat on my swing awhile this weekend and tried to get excited about the coming garden. Couldn't do it. I've learned you can't muster it up. You have to just let the bug hit you. And then you start to plan and make little charts and pour over the seed catalogs. And begin to think about black plastic versus newspaper and how many rows of corn do you need and is there any way in the world to keep the morning glories from taking over your garden in one night??????

So, whats going on at your little house this week?

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  1. You are from another planet. This week I will be working everyday and I have a goal of cooking supper at least once!

  2. Ni Hao!! You might as well be speaking Chinese to me. I'll have a few tomato plants to satisfy DH and the kids, and a bunch of pretty flowers=)
    My dad bought a little farm once, that came with goats, some of them STANK!!!! Not just your normal farm animal smell----really bad--watch out for that=)

  3. You tire me out! and AMAZE me all at the same time! How in the world do you plan and get all this stuff done????!!!