Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Workin Hard...

Saturday was a beautiful day here so in true Mark Clark Spirit he got the children to work. I'm not sure how he does it, but somehow they just get out there and do it. Very little whining and complaining or excuses. Me on the other hand? Everyone gets a headache or has to go to the bathroom for an extended amount of time whenever I start to mention a project that needs to be done. Anyway....

Abbie hard at work planting raspberries. If you can grow anything at your place I would say go for berries. Once they are planted there is little to no work and the rewards are wonderful. Kids seem to love to go pick berries and then you get to make this Blueberry Cake.

The girls hard at work. Egg production is back up and we have more than we know what to do with. I guess I"ll have to make another cake!

Doesn't Matt look so excited to be out clearing the plum thicket in the pasture? Their father is paying them an enormous amount of money (I think anyway) to get this job done. I told Mark I would go clear it out for the money myself. He looked at me and shook his head. You see, me clearing it out would only cost him more money. Those trips to the ER ain't cheap.

Mark has started giving James little jobs to do around the yard. He mostly plays and gets in the way though. But that's part of learning too. He thinks he is as big as the big boys when he is handing his dad the tools or carrying buckets around the place. It makes my heart happy. He gets very distracted by swings hanging from trees though. I can't say anything. I get distracted by my hammock a lot.

Oh, looks like Abbie got distracted by the swings too.

The rabbits working hard looking cute. They are still available for Easter morning. Just think of the wonderful look of delight on your children's faces as they wake up to a bunny! A real-life bunny!!!!!

Remember: A bunny a day keeps the grumps away.

Okay, its Leap Day. Who thinks this day should just be an off day?

Me!! Me!!!

What are you doing on this Leap Day?


  1. Baby, i think it was a lovely post.
    Of course i just like seeing the kids work.

  2. Can you come by and talk to my blueberry bushes? Tell them they are supposed to be easy and productive....bought them 6 years ago, and they have done little more than provide a few snacks for some birds.

  3. We love berries here! They spread like crazy because of the birds, but as long as you can get them before the birds, they are delightful!