Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Morning...

Jill, when I saw this picture I thought of us. How awesome would it be to each curl up on a swing and just read the day away as it rained all around us? If we had one of grandmother's old soft quilts it would be even better. You think Momma would make us some chicken and dumplings?....

Okay, enough daydreaming.

Its a rainy morning here after a week of absolutely stunning beautiful weather. And it has been a very busy week for my little family. I told Mark I feel like the old clique of the rollercoaster that you can't get off of. Its just one thing after another. Decisions, hormones, emotions, discipline, laughter, sickness, math, allergies, history, taxes..... Its been one of those weeks
around here.

The whole family's weekend plans are up in the air because of the rain. But its really okay. We will just have to wait and see. I usually don't do wait and see so well and about noon I predict I will start getting anxious and grouchy. Will you pray for me that I won't? See, I can't even talk about the wait and see without worrying about the wait and see? I'm a mess friends.

Thankful this morning for rain to wash the pollen away, husbands who listen to the same ole stuff over and over, friends who encouraged me this week, and mommas who are always willing to help. And thankful for Jesus who called me and loved me and redeemed me in the very midst of my mess and continues to do so....


  1. Praying for a peaceful wait and see!

  2. I want to be in that picture right now! I'll pray for your "wait and see". :)

  3. So now I am really missing my front porch swing............;)