Monday, April 9, 2012

Barnyard Hopping...


Its Garden Time-Mark has been busy this past weekend tilling the garden. He's so cute!

Abbie and I made some From Scratch Taco Seasoning.  This is so easy and so far I have not been able to tell the difference and we use lots of taco seasoning.  There are some things I wonder if I am really saving money by doing it from scratch or homemeade, but I know this is more than worth the time.  And plus, I like looking at it in the pantry and knowing I won't have to buy any for a looonnnngggg time.

Be sure and visit Amy at Homestead Revival for more barn hopping. 

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  1. How did you make the seasoning? Would you mind sharing the recipe?

  2. I am wondering how you made that also.. Please share the recipe! :-)

  3. Yes, please post the recipe! I have heard that homemade is just as good but doesn't have all of the sodium that prepackaged has.

  4. Oh yeah, you definitely need to add the recipe! By the way, you made a very good point about whether or not some from-scratch things are really saving you money. Sometimes, the money comes out the same as a similar generic product, but the quality of what you make, is always way better! Would you share this post on my blog's homestead hop?