Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Done!

 Saturday morning the plants were purchased and by 3 that afternoon the garden was done!

Mark had already tilled the garden area several times so it was almost ready to plant.  He went through one more time and we followed behind planting.  Ya'll, it is AMAZING having bigger kids.  What used to take us all day took no time at all!  They worked so hard and just got the job done.  It is really paying off letting them be around "helping" when they were little.

We planted tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupe, cucumber, green beans, lima beans, okra, and corn.  Now, just to wait for it to start growing and then the real work begins!
Abbie made us a little drink station by the garden.  Very thoughtful and very smart!

I made garden markers out of an old giant puzzle we had.  Several of the pieces were missing so it was no loss for the puzzle maker and a great gain for the garden.  James all of a sudden wanted that particular puzzle more than anything else in the whole world when he saw me sticking the pieces in the ground.  

We also have lots of fruit blooming and budding and growing around here.  I cannot wait to get a plum off our plum tree.  I remember the plums at my grandmother's house and they are nothing like the plums you buy in the store.  They were smaller and seemed juicier.  You also had to fight off the bees and yellow jackets to get them so the victory tasted sweet too.

 Little teeny-tiny cute precious itty-bitty grapes.  Can't wait till they get big and fat and yummy!

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  1. Just found your blog off the Morristribe Carnival and started following. Can't wait to read more! Come follow along at "The Redeemed Gardener"!

  2. Congrats on your beautiful garden! What a blessing to have so many helping hands. Enjoy!

  3. Of course he wanted to play with the puzzle, it was no longer available. That made it the most important thing EVER.

  4. It is great to have bigger kids helping in the garden. Love your idea using the puzzle pieces as markers!

  5. I love the puzzle piece markers!! You're so industrious... and make me look so lazy!!

  6. Good for you! It's encouraging to hear how helpful bigger kids are - maybe in a few years I won't feel so overwhelmed!

  7. It looks fantastic! And oh how I envy all your help. Mine is grown up now, and on their own.

    Thanks so much for the blog visit and comment. Makes me happy to find new blogs like yours.