Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Riddle....

What do you get when you cross a woman who loves to take care of little things?
 A daughter with pleading eyes?
 A mom who was extremely tired after a long camping trip and did not have the energy or gumption to reason with the daughter and who really loves little things herself?
An orphaned two-week old kitten at the vet?

You get a MamaHen, ladies, you get a MamaHen.

On Sunday afternoon Abbie became a surrogate kitten mother to the yet unnamed kitten.  She thought she had a name, but changed her mind this morning. 

So far she has done a great job getting up at night and bottle-feeding it and then feeding it around the clock during the day.  I get to sit and hold it and when it's tummy starts making little rumbling noises I get to hand it back to Abbie.  Mark says "Welcome to being a grandmother!" 

After he asked if I needed to go to the ER and get my head checked. 

Well,  he didn't say it, but I know he was thinking it.  Because I was wondering the same thing.

But look at it!  Isn't it adorable with a capital A?

We measured this morning and it (still don't know if it is a girl or boy), and it is six inches long.  And weighs maybe 2 lbs at the most.  It is eating mightily and letting us know when it is hungry so I think if we can keep it warm enough it will be okay.  It even purrs after it eats...

So tell me, could you resist?  Someone please tell me you would not be able to resist so my hubby, my mother, and my mother-in-law who all think I have lost it will understand.  Pretty please?..............


  1. You have lost it. I love you but....

  2. Hey, what is this with the Mother business. I can't help it if I am allergic to cats. It is cute and I know Abbie will do great.

  3. Must be the lack of sleep.
    Just kidding. All of us would do the same thing. We picked up a stray kitten off the side of the road once... that did not turn out so well. but, I hope that Abbie's kitten does great for you all!

    By the way,
    We are going to look at Angora bunnies today. We are pondering entering the Angora fiber/breeding business. So - maybe I have "lost it" too.


  4. Cute, but I'm allergic and honestly would have probably said "no." Okay, definitely right now would have. But I do think it is sweet that you let Abbie keep it!

  5. That is too cute! My dd has been wanting a kitty, but I have an allergy boy over here.

  6. I would have done the same thing. We ended up taking in a kitten we found several years ago. What can I say I am an animal lover. :-)

  7. I think it is awesome! We did this with 4 several years ago. And I think one of them is the grandmama to a few of those at your house. ;)

  8. Oh my goodness - how adorable!!! You're a better Mom than I am, though. We've been there, done that with the cat thing. And we're DONE.

  9. I would have done exactly the same thing!! I don't think you've lost it at all. :) This will be an experience that your daughter will remember forever. Hooray for you! And that little kitten is absolutely adorable!!