Friday, June 15, 2012


Is anyone else out there having problems with Blogger?  I can type a post and publish it, but I can't do anything with my old posts in my dashboard, or do links, or edits.  I keep getting error messages and it looks like old my old posts have disappeared from my dashboard.  They show up on the actual blog, but not on my dashboard.  At least I think they are showing up.  Will someone leave a comment letting me know you can see this post?  And if someone knows what do to about this please let me know!!!!!

I am working on my Freezer Friday Stock-up this morning and am making a lot of meatballs.  I am going to do a cost comparision between making them and buying them.  That is the plan anyway! 

Help!!!!!!!  SOS!!!!!


  1. I read your post

  2. i can see it :) sometimes my dashboard gets wonky too, i usually just log out and try again later and it's fine. it's my theory that cars and computers, if left alone, will heal themselves :)

  3. I read your post and I agree with Lisa. My biggest Blogger gripe is that photos from my iPhone are always sideways (even when I edit and resave them). I finally figured out how to edit them in Picasa and upload into my blog from there. Point is, Blogger is frustrating (incredibly) at times, so just try later or tinker around. You'll figure it out! Rest assured, we can see your posts. Now, go make those meatballs! ;)