Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A List....

Is this true for anyone else out there?

So today's list includes:
~Jelly-making from Mark's Concord grapes.  This is our first year for them to bear so I am very interested to taste the jelly.
~Snap about 3 gallons of green beans and freeze them.  Tyler has said he is bored here lately so now he has something to do today!
~Mop.  My flip-flops are sticking to the floor.  That is a clear indication I need to mop or we just need to move.  Its too hot to move so I'll just mop. 
~Try not to wither away from the heat.  It just makes me limp to walk outside.  So I don't.  I stay in or sit in the shade on my swing. I have a new hobby now.  Our chickens have discovered they can get out and as I like to watch them I don't make them go back in.  So I watch them waddle around the yard.  And it makes my heart happy. Chicken-watching-its fun, cheap, and relaxing.  Who knew?  The perfect pasttime!
~Charge my camera battery bc I found the memory card and if I get both in the camera at the same time I can take some pictures.
~Three meals for the children.  They keep asking for them, you know?
~Walk some more.  I did five laps last night (I think that is the most I have ever done).  Even after the sun goes down it is really really hot out there and I think I got a little overheated last night.  The chest pounding and my eardrums feeling like they were going to burst was a good sign it was time to stop.
~Water the garden after the sun goes down.  Actually I might water this morning and this afternoon bc of the heat. Well, the boys might water.  I supervise from the back door.
~I want to do something with my back porch.  We are back-porch people in that hardly anyone comes to our front door.  So I want it to look nice, or at least decent.  Decently nice I guess you could say.  Maybe if I can get the camera thing down I'll take some pictures and all you decorating gurus can give me some advice.

Oh Janet-about the green beans.  I am very hesitant to give canning/freezing advice because I still don't feel super-confident about things.  I would hate to be the reason good food is ruined.  Get the Ball Blue Book in the canning section at Walmart and it tells you everything and anything you could ever want to know about canning and freezing.  Well worth the $7.00.


  1. Good list. I wish you well!

    It is hot here too! We are having record highs all week. For mid-MO a week of 99-110 is enough to make everyone wilt! I look forward to my evening chores in the garden (because, as you know, morning is not my thing...).

    We keep getting more blackberries. So, I might try blackberry jam! And, I splurged (big) on some chocolate chips for cookies. And, we are going to cook all the zucchini bread we can before the squash bugs destroy them all. (I will freeze what I can of the bread.)

    What is air conditioning for anyway, except to cool your house off after you spend all afternoon cooking.


  2. OK thanks, really, I would take your advice, and not worry about poisoning my family or anything.If things went wrong, I'd just blame you. Like-- if I don't like my front door color, I'll just blame you=)
    Just kidding.