Thursday, July 12, 2012

James and the Yummy Food Post...

 James is yummy, but in a different way than say, rocky road ice-cream.  He started a new chore this week-cleaning both sides of the door each day.  He looked up at me and said, "I love my new job Mommy."  And I thought again, Everyone should have a five year old in their house.  If you don't have one, you need to find a way to get one.
 Just-picked tomatoes.  These were turned into diced frozen tomatoes yesterday morning.
 Just-picked figs.  These were eaten all throughout the day yesterday.  Oh yum.
 My yummy lunch yesterday.  It looked so pretty I had to take a picture, but I had no problems eating it after the picture.  Tomatoes with basil, chicken salad with spinach, colby-jack cheese slices, figs, sweet pickles, made by my mother-in-law Betty, who is the Pickle Queen, and green bell pepper slices with homemade ranch dip.  Ya'll, it was good...
Tyler picked more corn yesterday and this one ear was bigger than James' head.  I creamed it all for supper last night.  I also made a new recipe last night-Pecan Crusted Chicken and everyone agreed it was a keeper.  I spent all day in the kitchen yesterday with one thing or another, but I am thankful I get to feed my children healthy food that they helped grow. 

Just a side note for anyone that reads here and also follows me on Pinterest.  Apparently not only was my Facebook page messed up, but now someone is posting on my Pinterest page.  Nothing bad, just business stuff that I know nothing about.  Apparently there is another person with my name and she is posting on my board.  So, if you see business stuff from me, just ignore.  I am trying to delete it as soon as I see it. 


  1. MamaHen,
    You are just doing such a great job putting up the garden! And, look at that healthy lunch! between your running coach and all these fresh veggies you seem to be the energizer bunny lately! Good work!

    I had never seen a fig before. We have indoor/outdoor fig trees up here, but they never produce.


  2. What a wonderful lunch--my kids wouldn't know what to do. We do eat lots of fresh spinach though=)

  3. Bethany- I don't know about the being the Energizer bunny, but I have been feeling good lately. I fall asleep almost every night on the couch though. :)

    Janet-That was my lunch, not the kids. They had grilled cheese sandwiches and grapes. They did eat the figs all day though. Oh me, they are so good.

  4. Hello MaMaHen! James is so cute! So is Tyler! Now that looks like my kind of lunch! Wished I had some cucumbers to make pickles! They look delicious!You're getting a lot of figs! It's hard to imagine not ever having seen one grow like they do here! Love the South! Blessings from Bama!

  5. Wow, that lunch looks incredible! I don't think I've ever eaten a fig before... You are superwoman. Can't wait to see all of you tonight!