Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts (and none of them are deep)...

~I dreamed last night that everytime I turned around in my kitchen there was a box of Roma tomatoes.  They just kept appearing and appearing.  I will need to freeze tomatoes today and make more muscadine jelly.  I only got four pints yesterday because I ran out of lids.  I stocked up last night after taking the boys to Scouts so today will be jelly day.  And tomato day. And the lima beans need picking.  Well, those are good problems to have...

~I am determined to get back to walking today.  Determined I tell you. Ya'll, it is hot and humid here in The Deep South and it rains almost every afternoon so my walking has been hit and miss.  Mostly miss.  I got a new Leslie Sasome walking DVD from the library so I now have no excuse. Except that after I tend to children and can and do laundry and tend to the children some more and cook the meals I really really don't want to walk for exercise. I want to take a nap and dream about something other than tomatoes. I will do it though.  If anything so Jill won't get that disappointed look on her face when I give her another excuse.

~Today is my baby brother's birthday.  Happy Birthday Del!  It was discovered by me last week that my brother is an excellent writer and editor and would he mind coming and teaching my children writing and proofing for the next five or six years?  I cannot pay him in cash money, but I can make a mean lemon pie which I hear he is partial to.

~Sunday morning I got my first little glimmer of excitement about starting K5 with James. Yea!  It is starting. Now I just need to pull out all the supplies and little curriculums and buy the colors and glue and little scissors and then I will be ready to roll. I just hope he is.

Are you thinking any good thoughts today?


  1. I'm reading this a day late but I'm always impressed with all you do in a day!

    I think that one of James' assignments should be to write me a letter every week...

  2. I promise to be very very thankful if you send rain my way.