Friday, September 14, 2012

Motherhood 101: The Say It Exactly As You Mean It Edition....


We are starting our morning work after breakfast.  I tell one of the teenage sons (I'll leave his name off to protect his identity) to do get started on his zone.

And then, I say these words,

"And you might want to vacuum in there.  The carpet is looking pretty rough."

And then I walk away to do my morning work.

Later in the morning:

"Son, why didn't you vacuum?"

His reply:

"You said, you might want to, and I didn't want to."

And lesson learned-when talking to boys, spell it out for them. 

They are not inept as many would believe. 

They are smart-too smart.

And he was smart enough to interpret the mommy-look I gave him and immediately got the vacuum cleaner out and got to work.


  1. I think that would apply to men too! Spell it out for them. Boys just don't seem to outgrow it.

  2. I'll be the first guy to bite:
    "And lesson learned-when talking to boys, spell it out for them."
    -Yeah, regardless of age, we need it spelled out