Monday, September 10, 2012

We Got Our Goats!!!!......


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It's been a long time coming at the Clark House, but Saturday we got our goats!

It was a busy and exciting day, but everyone is settled in now and we are so thankful that God provided just the right goats for our family at just the right time and for just the right price.

I have now decided that there must be goat babies at my house at all times.  They are so sweet.  And nothing can compare to the sweetness of Moose, the wethered male goat we got for FREE!  He loves people-Matt most of all.  Matt wants to train him to be a pack goat because that's all he is really good for now. And good for petting and following us around the yard like a puppy.  I think he thinks he is a person also and he does NOT like being put in the fence and left alone.  He has cried for two nights straight although he has a wonderful bed and stall.  He'll get used to things soon, we hope.

The lady who sold us the goats was worried they wouldn't get enough attention and love. I tried my best to reassure her that THAT issue was not going to be a problem.

This is Moose.  He thinks he is a person and wants to be treated as one. 

They may be receiving a little too much love.

Taking the goats up to granddaddy's to be introduced.

Scruffy, likes to sit atop the clothesline and survey her domain.  She doesn't know what to think about the new additions to the farm.

Introducing Buddy, our male baby.  Named by Abbie after Buddy from The Cake Boss.  She loves her some Cake Boss.  And plus, Buddy is the perfect name for a little boy goat.

Meet Beatrice Sunset.  Beatrice named by me and Sunset by James.  I guess she will be our hippie goat.  I call her Miss Bea, and Mark has been calling her Little Goat.  She is so tiny and cute!

And just to prove I have an older son.  I guess he is sorta like the oldest son from Happy Days. You know they had one, but you don't know what happened to him.  Well, Tyler is busy with 9th grade, Scouts, and the Robotics Club. The weather has been so nice and he decided to do his literature reading outside.  I don't blame him one bit...
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  1. Hi MaMaHen! Your goats are adorable! What kind are they? We got Nigerian Dwarf babies and they sure are cute! It's amazing how much attention they draw from people and animals too! I know ya'll will enjoy yours as much as we will enjoy ours!
    I know what you mean about the older son! My only son doesn't like to get his picture taken, so you did good getting your son's face! He's handsome! Your other children are really growing up! Blessings from Bama

  2. WooHoo! Boy, just think of all the excitement you will have to write about now! As if having a 5yo wasn't enough... LOL!


  3. They are adorable! We are looking to add a couple more to our heard soon too.

  4. Cute! And when Miss Bea gets older you can call her Aunt Bea! ;)

    Love the pic of Tyler!

  5. So very funny. I remember the older brother on Happy Days. I'm glad yours hasn't disappeared all together!:)

  6. What an adorable post ! And Scruffy is the bomb! Thanks for linking up to our linky party and hope to see you each week!