Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You can be sure...

You know that old saying,

"The only thing you can be sure of are death and taxes."

Well, I am here to disprove that saying.  Because there are some more things I can  be sure of.

Such as...

If I drop the gas cap at the gas station it will ALWAYS roll under the car.  Never beside the car, but UNDER the car.  All the way under.  Right in the middle.  And I will be wearing a skirt.

If I have a new book that I have been waiting forever to read and I get settled on my swing and in giddy anticipation open the cover--someone will automatically get sick or seriously injured.

If I get the house all cleaned at the same time--no one will show up at the front door.  But, if it is all falling apart at once--several people will come knocking.

My four children will not even know I am on the planet until I get settled into a long phone discussion with Rebekah. And then, just as we are about to solve one of the big world problems, all four children will need me for something.  I think the cell phone emits a sound wave or something that attracts children to me when it is put up to my ear.

And of course, the one that all moms know...

No one will need me until I go to the bathroom.  And then everyone needs me.  Right then.

So, what are some things you are sure of.....


  1. Don't forget they all wait to get injured until you are either on the phone or in the midst of doing something you can't stop right then.

  2. and the quickest way to get all the kids in one room, is for me to go in the bedroom shut the door and try to change my pants.

  3. So true. I've entertained the thought of pretending to use the bathroom or talk on the phone when I need to tell the kids something. Surely they'd apppear at my side within five seconds. I'm thinking somehow they'd know I was just pretending, though. :)

  4. the bathroom thing is oh, so, true! my kids run screaming through the house, because for the first time in almost 7 years i've shut the door to the bathroom, so they think i've abandoned them. i try and be sweet and gently say "one minute baby!" but they don't hear that, they only hear when I scream ( and i really mean scream ) "i'm in the bathroom!!!! leave me alone!!!"

  5. Yep! Everyone of those are true for me, too.

  6. tehe ... yep, yep!!
    The joys of motherhood ;)

  7. Such a funny but true post! Don't even think about trying to read your Bible, a book, or the computer! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  8. Don't you have nearly grown boys to send them after the gas cap for you? Because I fully intend on taking advantage of my children when they're nearly grown.