Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Teeny-Tiny Giveaway For You!

This weekend Abbie and I went to the opening of a new Micheal's here close to my house.  We spun the big giveaway wheel and lo and behold, if I didn't win a $10 gift card.  Abbie and I squealed and hugged and you would have thought we had just won a new car on The Price is Right. 

So I walked around and held tightly to my little gift card just wondering how I should spend it.  This was fun money and it was just waiting to be spent.  Well, I did look for some new dishclothes to embroider, but they didn't have any so it then became fun money.

Oh, the guilt I felt about spending that $10 on myself!  Why do moms do that?  Dads don't do that.  And kids really don't do that.  But moms-I felt like I had to do the right thing and make the most of my money. This is all well and good with the grocery money, but this was pure fun money!  What was wrong with me? I played out about 1,000 different scenarios about how that money should be spent. I finally decided to get James a little dinosaur set for 1/2 off since he has a birthday coming up and some notecards for you!

I love notecards.  I LOVE getting notes in the mail.  So, I picked up a set for me and for you, along with these cutesy nail files that are adorable with a capital A.

The horrible photo here does not do this little packet of eight notecards justice.  They are blank on the inside too so you can use them for any occasion. And the nail files-friends, if I did not bite my nails down to the quick I would be pulling this out of my purse constantly just to look at them. 

To enter-tell me that you promise you will send these little cards out to some special people in your life so they can get a little thrill when they open the mailbox.  Or, if you can't promise that-tell me a surefire way to stop biting my nails.  Good luck with that one.

Giveaway will close Sunday, the 21st, at 3:00.


  1. I promise to send the cards to special people. I like writing notes!


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  3. Cindy-You had posted five times and I meant only to delete four but got them all somehow. When I draw I will add your name back in.

  4. Fun! And if Cindy wins, she better send me a card!

  5. I love snail mail. I will send the cards! :)