Wednesday, November 21, 2012

i care.....

I got to spend the day with Rebekah yesterday and it was so nice.  We had not been able to get together in sooooo long.  We did try the Polar Express hot chocolate and it was good-no great-no awesome!  If you are looking for a special treat on a cold winter night this is it.

Rebekah and Eric are in the process of adopting two little girls from China.  They are selling t-shirts to help with the costs and Rebekah has a blog just for that.  She would love it if you would go over and check it out.  Even if you can't buy a t-shirt right now you can see her two cuties and say a little prayer for them and for the fund-raising procedures.

And Rebekah-I left that can of yummy goodness on the counter just for you!

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