Thursday, December 27, 2012

This & That...

~We had a wonderful lazy day yesterday with some of the kiddos staying in their pjs all day. It is way too cold to be out any more than necessary and we just huddled inside and watched TV and read and did all those things that make for a good lazy day.  We even got a few snow flurries yesterday. Matt and Mark are not feeling well, but overall we managed to stay well for Christmas.  I am in that "Should I take him to the doc?" dilemma right now? 

~Although it was a lazy day yesterday I got animal duty for the morning.  Matt had a little fever and I didn't want him out in the cold.  Taking care of the animals is not nearly as pleasant when it is cold and muddy outside.  The goats are growing and actually growing so well that Beatrice and Buddy are acting like two lovesick teenagers who have been left to their own devices with absolutely no adult supervision, if you know what I mean. Beatrice is way too young to have a baby, and good grief, we have not even performed the marriage ceremony yet, and teenagers!, can't leave them alone for a second, so we have to to figure out a way to keep them separated until Bea is old enough to become a mommy.  We are on the lookout for a another female goat so we can keep the two females and the two males together.  Goats really do so much better when they are in a group. 

~Tyler is getting animal duty this morning because good grief, it is cold outside, and he's 14 and I'm not. And I'm the mom. And one day all the kids will sit around and remember the good ole days when they had to go out and handle the animals and mom stayed inside and drank her coffee.  Right?  Plus, Tyler is leaving Saturday morning to go skiing with the youth group and doesn't he know he is not supposed to grow up and leave me, even for four days?  And since I'm paying for the trip, he's getting up and handling the animals this morning.  So there.

~Today I am going to hit the dreaded W-mart for returns.  I'm just going to be brave and do it.  Now, I am not above W-mart at all.  I don't like going there because of their terrible customer service, (at my local store anyway), but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.  And today I will.  For the sake of the children.  And because I am almost out of coffee and creamer.

~I am also taking Tyler out to purchase blue jeans.  He is not excited about this prospect at all.  I promise not to hold them up in front of everyone and make sure they fit properly. 

~I have been scouring the internet for freezer meals and I have received three cookbooks for my birthday and/or Christmas. One of the cookbooks is the Crockin Girls cookbook (thank you Renee!) and I can't wait to sit and have a long look through it.  The freezer is bare and I am on a mission to fill it back up again. 

~Abbie received a sewing machine for Christmas and I hope she and I can spend some time in the coming days figuring out how it works.  Abbie and I are not known for our patience. Hmmmm.... This will be good for us, right? 

~What are you doing this in-between week?


  1. I am lazily reading a book right now and it's wonderful! In a little while we're going to pay the property taxes. Boo...

  2. Look at the recipe on Crockin Girls website. It is for French Dip sandwiches. It is our favorite recipe right not, especially in this cold weather. I think yall would like it.

  3. So how was Walmart? And did you get a certain movie replacement? :D

  4. Renee-I already have it on my list! I will probably make it first thing after I do my big grocery shopping.

    Rebekah-Walmart was not that bad, actually. It was crowded, but they took my returns with no hassle, so I did not complain. And no, he got Christmas money and if wants it he can brave the store to go get it :) No, to tell you the truth, I really didn't think about it, and that would have been a nice surprise for him since he isn't feeling good.

  5. I get to take all six kids to the grocery store with me tomorrow, since my hubby has to work because of missing a day due to snow.

    WHEW! It makes me tired just thinking about it:)

  6. Ma-before you go read the link above about Everyday Motherhood. :) I had mine at Walmart, Academy Sports, and Old Navy yesterday. Although it is easier to corral them now that they are older and the logistics are easier bc of no naptime, we are now entering the "lets all have a good attitude stage". And that attitude includes me.

  7. check on you tube I have learned many
    things about sewing on there.

    love the blog