Thursday, January 31, 2013

Errand Day Bingo....

After lunch today is our big errand day. We have haircuts to get, goat feed to purchase, tennis shoes to procure because my children just keep getting bigger and bigger and and they won't stop even though I told them too, and groceries to buy to keep the children growing at light speed. 

Things are much much easier to handle on errand day than when I had a 4, 2, and a newborn.  Those were the days when I would get up at 4 AM and go buy groceries before the kids woke up and Mark left for work.  Those were the days when if the above scenario could not be arranged I end up laying on the couch when Mark came home utterly exhausted from trying to pick up some diapers and milk.  And they were good kids!  There were just more kids than mom and they had lots more energy than I did!

But, going out with young teens, a pre-teen, and a six year old has its own challenges.  Such as, "The Challenge of the Mouth." 

They can talk now and have no problem letting you know their thoughts about the whole process.  Whereas you could bribe them before with the prospect of a box of popsicles if they were good, now-not so much.

So, just to make it a little more fun here's a game for us to play...

How many times between the hours of 1 and 4 PM do you think I will hear?

I have to go to the bathroom!
He/She touched me or is looking at me!
How much longer????
Can we buy/get this?
You owe me $5 so let's just get this and make it even. (The product they are wanting is at least double that in price)
Can you just drop me off at the house?
Mom-just go to the free money machine and get some bucks! (James believes the atm is a free money machine and I just haven't had it in me to try to explain the whole thing to him)
How come he/she always gets to sit in the front?
Can I push the buggy?  (Even though they know this is my job exclusively)

And how many times will I say?

Someone grab James' hand!
James!  Stop and look both ways!  Why isn't someone grabbing his hand????  Can't all of you see my hands are full!!!!!
No, maybe next payday.
I'll think about it (and I won't think about it again)
That's enough!
No more talking!  We are in a talk-free zone until we pull into the driveway!
Please!  We all have to do this today, so let's just try to be nice to each other!
Look at what you are teaching James!
Oh, I forgot (insert various items)... run over to aisle seven and pick up the peanut butter.  Child comes back with numerous items, but no peanut butter.
If you don't hold on to the side of this buggy it is going to be bad when we get home.
No, the big kids don't have to hold on to the side of the buggy because I need them to run to aisle seven to get....

And who wants to guess how long it takes me to unload 20 bags of groceries only to look around and wonder what we are going to have for supper?

Am I forgetting anything?

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