Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Couple of Crazy Days...

I cannot even begin to tell you all the crazy, but good things, that have happened over the past couple of days.  A whole lot of life was lived this past week at my house and thats a good thing.  Exhausting, but good.

Two fun things stick out-I got my new floors!  It took Wednesday and Thursday for them to get it finished, but ya'll, the difference is amazing.  I just sit and look at them.  I don't know how they make me feel more peaceful, but they do.  I guess because it was such a crazy roller coaster to actually get them down.  I plan on finishing the baseboard and trim painting this weekend.  

The other wonderful thing was that Mark, Abbie, my mother-in-law Betty, and I drove to Charlotte Friday and then back home again Sunday.  It was a quick trip, but we had a good reason-to see my new grand-niece Ada Marie!  I would put pictures up because she is beyond adorable, but I didn't think to ask her parents if they minded if I plastered her all over my blog.  You can trust me that she is precious. 

It was good to see Mark's sister Mollie, who met us there, all the way from Boston.  She just missed the big snow.  Mollie is now our old dog Sadie's human and she says Sadie LOVES the snow. I guess its a good thing.

It was nice to just spend some time with Abbie.  She is growing and maturing, but still has such a little girl wonder about her.  And I love that.  Our hotel has an indoor pool and she felt like she had hit the jackpot. 

My Abbie growing up before my eyes.

This picture if proof of how much Mark loves his daughter.  She wanted to have a picture of herself with one foot in North Caroline and one in South. 

We missed the Georgia/South Carolina sign so the Georgia rest stop sign had to do.  I don't think it is possible that I could love a girl more.
Monday we were back at home for a good normal day of school and laundry catchup and then yesterday we went with my niece Jennifer to a homeschool fellowship.  I came home, sat down on the couch, and promptly fell asleep.  I guess socializing wears me out.  Mark came home a little early with what appears to be a kidney stone.  Yikes.  He has had one before and he says it feels the same.  We are in waiting mode to see how bad it might get.  Hopefully it will be over with soon.  I hate it that he hurts, but I know he hates it even more. 


  1. Will be praying that Mark's pain is alleviated soon!

    Glad you had a fun trip and made it home safely!


  2. Hi MamaHen! I can't wait to see your new floors! I can imagine how you feel, since you've been waiting forever for them! Abbie sure is a beautiful young lady!
    That was such a long trip to make in such a short time, but I know you'll treasure it with sweet memories. Hope Mark passes that kidney stone without much pain! Maybe it will disssolve and he'll never even know it! Blessings from Bama!

  3. I hope Mark is all better by now.
    I'm tired after reading all of that. DH "gets" to go to Pensacola and New Orleans of Sat....I do not think he will be having the kind of fun that you did on your trip. Please show us your floors!