Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Quick Question....

Every morning we start our school day with what I call "History Time" because, well, we do our group history then.  It is also the time we do things like our Geography quizzes and if there is a special Bible reading, or current events, or I just give them a list of all the things I need them to do that day.  You know-mom stuff-I have a captive audience.

And since I have a captive audience I try to take 2-3 days a week and incorporate some very important history into their schooling-The History of Song and Dance.  Its a curriculum I wrote and designed myself which includes performing for them as they are forced to sit on the couch and loveseat and watch.  I know it will reap benefits for them in years to come.  After all, you never know when they will be called upon to sing "New York, New York" at the workplace.

We try to be well-rounded here at Clark Academy so they are also educated in the finer points of dance through the ages.  Yesterday they were treated to the Roger Rabbit.  And I attempted The Hammer, but I hurt myself and had to stop.  The sacrifices I make for these children. 

I want to teach them well.  This Harlem Shake thing-that's not dancing.  Catchy tune, but its not dancing.  I want them to know about the time when Line Dancing was King and Ice Ice Baby was played around the world on every station known to man.  Those were the good old days folks. 

So, all that to say-I am running out of ideas.  Any old style dances I have forgotten about?  That a 40 year old woman who may not be in the greatest shape can do? 

Because when I showed them my old high school dance team high kicks I hurt my lower back.  And the high kick should be respected.  You can't do a proper high kick with a hunched over back.  Mrs. Gilmore, my dance team sponsor, would not approve.


  1. Electric Slide? Also the Cupid shuffle and cha cha slide are not too old, but they are fun-my girls love them. You could do a little boot scoot boogie country line dance!

  2. Please don't forget the Cabbage Patch - it's a must. Let me know if we need to do a recital.

  3. This reminds of cleaning house with my two girls and listening to records (real records played on a real record player]. We sang and danced as we dusted. I loved it

  4. I have some serious coin for anyone who can get Matthew to do the electric slide

  5. Bethany-you are on fire! You need to come down here and teach my kiddos- I don't remember all of them. :)

    I can tell I am going to have to google lots of these and get a refresher course.

    And I was never able to do the moonwalk. Sigh....

  6. Dance kicks--I can barely make it up the stairs some days! I do enrich mine with music though. No Ice Ice Baby---I didn;t know I was THAT much older than you....
    Today I sang "Tiny Bubbles", or rather hummed most of it.--no, I've never had any tiny bubbles, we were referring to the macaroni noodle water beginning to boil=)