Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Mommy-Files--Kitchen Addition....

~How come bags of shredded cheese are so hard to open?  Really-we put people on the moon and we can't figure an easier way?

~How come water doesn't taste as good as Pepsi?

~How come everytime I need the can opener I can't find it, but if I don't need it it is always there?

~How come my children have an aversion to pushing the trash down in the can, or heaven forbid, just taking it out when it gets to the top?

~How come all the pans "need to soak" and are left for me in the morning?

These are just a couple of mysteries I have been trying to figure out here lately.

Anyone have any answers?


  1. My favorite is the trash that is sitting on the counter 18 inches away from the can: cough drop wrappers, Ramen packets, empty cans, you know.

    And the "soaking" yeah.

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  3. Laughing at the soaking pans!! Oh, yeah, I hear you!!!

  4. Water deosn't taste as good as Pepsi, but sweet tea does, and it's cheaper----it's my addiction, probably not any better for me though.
    Hey, the kids aren't avoiding emptying the trash, they are saving you money on glad bags, by filling them totally full!