Thursday, April 25, 2013

Because They Said It So Well....

--The Hard Work of Raising Children -- This was such a good post for me to read this morning.  I bet it will be for you too.  Especially if you have children of any age in your house.  From day one till the day they leave we have a duty.  Its a good duty, and a wonderful one, but at times can be an exhausting one.  But is OUR DUTY.

--I made a variation of this the other morning.  But mine was really easy-so easy you can't almost call it a recipe.  I made my oatmeal and then added a bunch of chocolate chips.  I stirred it until it was all chocolaty an creamy.  And I ate my bowl right up.  And then I resisted the urge to get more.  But I really wanted more.

--All these charts make me so happy.  Like, if I could just spend the day with a fine-tip sharpie and all these colorful charts I would be es tactic.  Seriously, if I could also get a new brand binder and some cute gem clips and little folder dividers and oh me, my heart is starting to race just thinking about it.  Its a Chart-Palooza!

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