Monday, April 1, 2013

Signs of Spring....

Even though Easter Day itself was not very springy around here we have been seeing little signs of spring here and there.  A couple of days this week were delightful, but then a couple of days of the same week were so cold I thought I was going to have to go back into hibernation with my electric throw and pjs.  Well, I do that anyway every night, but I have been making myself get dressed during the day.  Cold or not.  Except for Thursday when I had some kind of bug and I stayed on the couch and froze all day and felt bad.  And then Friday-I was fine.  Maybe I just needed the sleep.

But oh my stinkin goodness I sound like I am 82 years old telling you about my sciatica. 



Spring is springing slowly but surely here in Alabama...

 I don't know who took this picture, but I found it this morning and love it.  Its Matt trying his best to finish his math book so he can be released for the summer.  Spring is hard for a 13 year old outside boy.  He has to do it, but the outside is calling.  And no, he does not have a vision problem, we have had it checked.  This is just how he works.  And yes, all that mess around him-just keeping it real for all you internet peeps.  We live in this house all day long and it shows.
 We got Scruffy the Wonder Cat this time last spring.  She is all grown up now, but still the most sweetest little thing ever.  Seriously, Abbie and I are a little ga-ga over the cat.  We might even pretend its the grandbaby every once in awhile and pass it back and forth.  And coo and talk to it like its a baby.  And say, "Go back to Mama now, or Go Back to Grandmama now."  But we haven't told anyone else about it.  Its our little secret--that we like the cat so much.  And the girl above, I really like her.  And her hair.  She has dream-hair. Sigh...

 Matt found baby birds in our goat barn this past week. 
 Here you can see the nest tucked behind that green bowl on the shelf.  See those calf feeders?  Maybe one day?

 Abbie got busy Saturday night doing this tablescape for us.  I can't wait to see her home when she is grown.  She is so colorful and creative.  And yes, the frugal side of me had a hard time letting go of the eggs to be used for decoration.  "Its only once a year, its only once a year." Repeat and repeat.
 MamaHen and her growing chicks.  I love this picture, especially of Matthew.  First of all, he has his arm around me.  Very rare.  He is not a touchy-feely person.  At all.  Even as a baby.  He just wanted you to put him down and leave him alone and he was happy.  But he has his arm around me and he is smiling.  And something about his smile reminds me of my daddy so much. And he wore the shirt Nana! 
 Matt and Pappa Rooster built these strawberry bed gutter things this weekend. Mark saw it online somewhere and they got busy and got it done.  We (and I mean Matthew by we), transplanted shoots from our old bed into another raised bed, and then we ordered 25 more plants for the gutters.  If they all make it we should have strawberries running out of our happy happy ears!  So thankful for a smart husband who like to create and make neat things for our family.

Beatrice and Moose are begging for attention here.  They get offended if you are out in the yard and don't give them their proper dues and respect.  They can sure make a racket when they don't get what they want. It's like having a perpetual 15 month old who knows what they want but can't say the words yet.  And all they know to do is cry and whine.  And they are spoiled rotten also.  Just saying.


  1. Absolutely beautiful picture! Love, love, love it!!

  2. Great picture of you and the chicks! I love the idea of growing strawberries in those gutters. You'll have to let us know if it works out for you.

  3. We actually had very nice weather yesterday. Last week we had six inches of snow on the ground. I love the picture, too.

  4. What a beautiful picture. I think I might need one to show around. You all look great!!

  5. Great picture--they look so big!
    Where do you get your strawberry plants? The ones we planted from seeds are so tiny, and have been the same size for weeks.

  6. That is a GREAT picture! They look so grown up. Sniff, sniff..,

  7. I am so glad I dropped in on you today! I LOVE that picture of you and your baby chicks! How do they get so big? Would someone explain that to me! I love the idea of the strawberry gutters too. I'll have to share that with my mom. I might have to do that. Brilliant!