Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This & That and A Little More...

~Yesterday I was rooting around in a basket looking for a ponytail holder and I cut a chunk out of my finger with a razor that was uncovered.  It hurts like the dickens.  I just wanted everyone to share in my pain.  Cause I'm generous like that.  And Mark mustered up all the sympathy he could last night, but I evidently did not feel like it was enough.

~James fell out of the swing Sunday and it bounced back and hit him square on the top of the head.  Guess what? Heads bleed a lot.  Even just a tiny cut.  As in scare the momma to death as she is rudely awakened from her Sunday nap by a child screaming as blood runs down his face.  He's fine now.  And evidently much tougher than his mother who can't stop complaining about her finger to whoever will listen.

~I'm still walking to the Leslie Sansone tapes.  I don't want to jinx myself, but I think I might be starting to like it a little bit.  I do the four mile video and when you are done you feel like you have done something.  She also does some yoga stretches at the end and this provides great entertainment for my children.  See-good health and a good show for the children all at the same time.

~Saturday I learned how to replace a toilet seat cover.  Its not nearly as exciting as it sounds. 

~I have also learned how to put power steering fluid in the van. Auto Zone even provides these cute little paper funnels for the job.  And if you look really pitiful they will provide you with some shop towels to clean up your grimy hands.  Unfortunately I could not look pitiful enough for them just to go ahead and replace the power steering pump thing free of charge for me. Maybe I should send James in.  He can look really pitiful and he has had plenty of practice lately.  Now that it is nice weather school time is really infringing upon his outside play time.  Hence the pitiful looks.

~Today is laundry and ironing day.  Last week I began changing up our laundry routine.  It is a work in progress, but today is big time ironing day.  Its also grocery day.  And school day.  Hmmm....  We'll see which one(s) actually get done on this Tuesday.  I know school will, and the family might mutiny if no groceries are bought.  And the clothes have to be washed and ironed because Mark has to keep going to work to purchase the groceries and all the school supplies.  So, I guess truthfully it all needs to be done today. Hmmmm.......

What are you going to be doing today?  And I truly hope it is not replacing a toilet seat cover-because-disgusting.


  1. Ouch on the finger...I literally felt nauseous and sorry for you:)

  2. Thank you Ma. I did get nauseous and do everytime I replay it over in my mind. And I can't stop replaying it over in my mind bc guess how many times a day you use your finger and it then it hurts and you remember again and again.

  3. Sorry about your finger! Ouch! I will give you plenty of sympathy. Also, my son asked me if I have been doing laundry lately. HA! That's all I do, but for 2 days it wasn't a priority so I got behind. Laundry and food. Those are my main jobs. Hope you have a great day!

  4. Ouch, so sorry about your finger. Those little cuts can be the worst. AND your using it all day, James isn't using his head HAHA--you know what I mean.
    Did you get everything done?? My iron died! It had a cord real, which caused a loose connection. DH has to check it out ASAP!

    1. Janet-I don't know how, but we did get all the laundry washed and ironed. I ironed 34 items which will be just enough to get us through until next Tuesday. :)