Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Introducing Annabelle.....

Sunday afternoon we had a new arrival at old Clark Acres.

Meet Annabelle, our newest doeling. 

 We acquired her Sunday and it was a long day for her, as this is the first time she has ever been away from her momma.  And she let us know how unhappy she was about it also.  It doesn't help that Beatrice the other female, does not care for her one bit.  And Beatrice has no problem letting Annabelle know that she doesn't like her.  If I could speak goat I would give Bea a good talking to, but they have to work it out themselves.  Apparently goats have a pecking order like chickens.  We are separating them at night because Bea kept trying to bite her ears and butt her out of the way of the feed stall.  They both have horns so we need to keep an eye on them until they decide to become BFFs and live happily ever after together.
 Annabelle had to get a good bath because we weren't sure what parasites/gross things she might have brought from the old farm.  Remarkably she didn't protest too much.  I think she was just in shock about the whole thing. 

 The washing of the goat brought a crowd to watch because it just isn't something you see everyday.  James walked off shaking his head and muttering, "Washing a goat????"

 And of course new animals always means new fencing.  Matt worked like crazy  putting up fence behind the old barn.  Our plan is to always have the boys and girl goats separated from each other until we are ready for babies. 

So, if all goes well, this time next spring we might have several little babies hopping around.

Which can only mean one thing-more fence. :)

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