Friday, December 6, 2013

We finally got our tree up last night. It was strange decorating the tree with the air conditioning on, but that's Alabama for you. A cold front is coming through today and by tonight it will down in the 30's. No wonder my sinuses are going crazy.

While decorating I came across the picture of Matthew when he was the age James is now.  Its like I had twins seven years apart.  Do ya'll see those freckles across this nose and cheeks?  Oh my goodness, I could just eat him up.

We have a saying at our house, "Its not Christmas until somebody cries." (I think it is from one of the Shrek movies) and we had our first meltdown last night.  Its usually me that meltdowns when all the tiredness hits me, but last night it was James.  He cried because, well, I don't remember, but it was something about lights and ornaments and things just generally not going his way.

Putting the star on the tree. He's happy again.

And all decked out.  The big boys helped decorate, but they kept putting the ornaments on wrong just to aggravate me so I sent them to do the supper dishes.  The tree is a little ornament-heavy for my tastes, but Abbie says this is the tree she has always dreamed of and that it is perfect.  So, it stays like it is.

Today Abbie will be baking cookies for our Heritage Girl Mother/Daughter Cookie Exchange.  And I'll be vacuuming up the needles from where the tree fell over as Abbie and I were trying to position it just right. 

What are you doing today?


  1. Tree decorating with the A/C on...that is something that has not happened this far north:) I did spend Christmas in Hawaii one year in high school, it was weird for it to be so warm on Christmas.

    The tree looks very nice:)

  2. Pretty tree! I love those freckles too!

  3. Air conditioning?! Girl, I can't even get my house as warm as 65 degrees right now! Two days ago my house was 58! It is definitely winter here. I will daydream about the AL sunshine as I lay and shiver in my bed tonight.


  4. "It's not Christmas until somebody cries." Yea, that sounds about right. :) Or maybe the McKibben version would be "It's not a cookie exchange party until Roark dumps his cookies on the ground in the rain and cries!" :)