Thursday, December 12, 2013

This & That....Birthday Edition

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a good one.  Nothing truly out of the ordinary, but a good day together.

Abbie's art class was taking a field trip to the Birmingham Art Museum so we all tagged along.  James was not excited about it and let me know in no uncertain terms that "this was the worst day of his life since he had been born."  Once we were there though he was good.  He actually didn't want to leave.  Local friends-I have not been to the museum in a long time, and they now have an interactive play/creative area for children. 

 My bigger sons scattered as they had an assignment for school so James and I spent time together looking at art.  I loved having babies in the house, but it is so much fun to see my babies growing into little people and see what their interests are. 

He started giving me a commentary about the different pieces and wow, a seven year old's perspective is interesting.  When we got to the Samurai swords and armour he was in awe and just stared.  He finally turned around said, "Mom, I would tell you about this, but it is just too sophisticated."  And he walked off.  I laughed and laughed and I bet the other patrons were wondering what was so funny about headmasks and swords.

Abbie wrote me a poem for my birthday, and although well-written, I do have a big question regarding it all.  I'll let you be the judge.

Angry Birds are red
Tardis is blue,
I cannot tell you how much I love you.

The butterflies fly in the big blue sky
They say to each other,
"My, is she pretty!"

The stars in the sky twinkle like your eyes
You are the best mom ever 
From now until never. (I think she meant forever, I hope so anyway)

I love you so much 
I want you to know.
You are perfect in every way
No matter what others say!

So, my thoughts for my birthday were, "Just what are others saying??????"

That girl, she has my heart.....


  1. What a sweet poem from Abbie. Happy Birthday! I had one on the 3rd, so we're fellow first borns and Sagittarius.

    I am now OVER 40

  2. Me too Alice, turned 41 yesterday.

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    2. We're practically twins:)!

  3. Hi MamaHen! Sounds like a fun trip! What a sweet poem! Hope you have a great birthday week! Mine is Saturday! Blessings from Bama!

  4. Happy Birthday, Wendy! Others are saying, "Wendy is the most wonderful mother, wife, friend, and child of God." You are, you know? Blessed indeed!