Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Around Here....

Finally this week we have seen some warmer weather, and even though I never thought I would EVER say this, it is not nearly warm enough for me.  I am cold or chilly ALL the time.  But I have a feeling I will be changing my tune when July rolls around. 

We have had lots of wet weather, but things are growing, including the children.  My Tyler is about to be 16.  Its truly one of those things I can't comprehend.  Tyler, as an infant, did not believe in sleep.  He fought it every step of the way, so you can imagine how tired Mark and I were.  I realize now he was just one of those babies who did not need super-long naps and early bedtimes.  On those nights when we were up four or five times a night 16 seemed a long way off.  And now it is here.  And he is making up for all the lost sleep now. 

Colleen is growing a lot.  She is much more timid and shy than Streak was and prefers her mom over us anytime.  Beatrice is feeding her well and giving us about a quart of milk a day now.  Matt is an expert milker and I am trying.

Someone appears to be grumpy here.

George the Rabbit is excited about spring.  New fresh greens everyday.

Yeti the Dog is just excited about anything.  His barking is driving us all crazy.

Streak is still growing and is still my most favorite little animal ever.  He is waiting for his new home to be ready and then he will move on to greener pastures. 

And these bunnies are just plain ole cute.  I think they look like little lions. 
What's growing at your house this spring?


  1. I'm so happy that Spring is here! Everything looks great at the Clark's.

  2. George is cute!! Not a thing is growing here, except my impatience for our house to sell. WIth not garden, I guess this is not the year I will see our food bill go down. At least we have the farmer's market.

  3. The deep freeze is finally starting to thaw here, too. :)

  4. Awwww, I miss having bunnies. Not that I've owned one for almost 20 years now, but I still remember enjoying having one as a pet.