Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Slow & Steady...


A decline is just a nice Southern way to tell someone that she is about to have a nervous breakdown.  A "decline" just sounds so much more gentile and delicate, doesn't it?

Why the gloom and doom?

Because of this child. 

He is leaving me.  For seven weeks.  To work at Boy Scout summer camp.  He will be coming home on Saturday nights, but no matter.  That does not cancel out the other six nights he will be gone. 

He will be a camp counselor and while this will be a great opportunity for him, it will be a very long summer for me and his dad. 

I know these things are supposed to happen. We are preparing him to slowly leave our nest, but good grief, it hurts.  It actually hurts.  I have cried a little so far, but I have a feeling when I see that truck pulling out of the driveway Saturday morning the waterfall will start. 

In other exciting news, we have a frog in our bathroom.  I can hear him croaking, but we can't find him.  I checked the toilet because heaven help me if I am indisposed and that frog pops out of that toilet.  I might never recover. 

Tyler thinks he is in the wall behind the shower.  Lovely. 


  1. It gets easier=) Be proud he has the gumption to go out and work! Do you know how many "entitled" teenagers live in my area???waaaay too many.
    I know you are really proud=)

  2. Janet, I am proud of him. He will work hard at camp and do a great job, but I am really going to miss him.

  3. In our house, we call them "episodes, " and I have them more often than I like to admit. :) And I agree...I think this is going to be good for both you and him, but it's totally okay to cry about it.

  4. Leigh, I like that-episodes. It will be good for both of us, but its going to be hard. He has always been with me, for 16 years, so it will be a big adjustment for me.

  5. I'm sure you're gonna miss him, and what an awesome young man to go do that. He's gonna have a whole slew of young boy scouts looking up to him all summer long.

  6. Hi MmamaHen! So sorry about your child leaving for awhile! I know you will miss him VERY MUCH! My son just graduated last night and although he's not leaving us, I feel sad today. Things will never be the same again! But I know God has it all worked out for all of us! Have a nice weekend! Blessings from Bama!

  7. He's gonna do great - and so are you! Love that boy and I'm so proud of him.