Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School Day

Well, it was Back to School Day at La Casa de Crazy here. I was behind before I even got started. I wanted to wake up at 5:30 to get a jumpstart on things. I rolled out of bed at 6:30. I wanted to fix a healthy protein-filled breakfast for Mark and the children. I sent Mark to work with no breakfast and no lunch. The kids had muffins and cereal. It became like the Tower of Babel here when we started our zones and room cleanups. No one could seem to understand the language I spoke. The printer would not work and the Spelling Drill Computer Program I ordered was for the wrong grade level. We had to stop school twice to go to the hallway because of tornado warnings. James was in high gear again also. He doesn't see the need for us to do school and gave all he had to put a stop to it.

After lunch I took Matt and Abbie to the doctor's office so Matt could get bloodwork done. Thank goodness for my mother-in-law who kept the baby, or I might not be writing this now. I would be on the bed in a fetal position. Matt and Abbie alternated between silliness, whining, and fighting the entire time. I finally grounded them from each other and they could not talk. It was quiet and the rain was pouring down and I fell asleep. Yes, when the doctor walked in it woke me up. We then had to go to by the store and finally got to come home. But we did get a great report on his bloodwork so I was one Happy Mama.

Mark is having to work late and I just put James to bed. We are going to read a little of Pilgrim's Progress and then off to bed for the kiddos. Here are some pics of the kids playing in the rain and puddles. Matt came in and said, "I have the best idea yet!" He ran out with his bathing suit on and I followed. This is what I found.
Laine, I just found out today I am coming to CBS so I'll bring you a jar of salsa!


  1. why is it i have to miss the good stuff.
    I wish i was there with you and i am tearfull that i missed them playing in the rain

  2. WHAT? ARE YOU FOR REAL? I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! I mean I was already excited about Bible study, really I was. But now I'm REALLY excited about the salsa! ;)
    What fun to play in the puddles! Your first day of school sounds about like ours...and it was like that for the first week or two. Now we've settled in and are back in the swing of being behind! :)
    Oh, and I have SO been there falling asleep in a dr. office. That's the best!
    I LOVE reading about your days, Wendy!

  3. What fun!! My kids played in the rain the other day too. They were wearing their pjs though not their swimsuits. Does puddle jumping somehow count as science?? Surely it should be a new Olympic sport! We too have had school days like that. Today we had math at 430pm. Look foward to seeing you at CBS!! Are you in leadership this year?