Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blah, blah,whine, whine

My sister called and said she did not want to be disappointed when she checked my blog so here is your post Jill!

Today has been blah. I'm getting a cold or something and have a headache and sore throat. We worked on lots of math today because we did not get to it yesterday because of piano lessons. Oldest is not too happy with long divison at this moment. Middle started subraction with borrowing. Third is just happy to fill in her workbook. She likes to complete something so she really likes workbooks. I didn't start any big projects, like jelly or pears, because I thought the little girl I tutor was coming this afternoon, but she didn't. So a whole afternoon of nothing. Which I guess is good b/c I probably don't need to be preparing food until I'm better. Of course, the kids just ate three meals I prepared today, so they will be sick soon I guess. So, it has been a blah kind of day.

But no day is Blah to James. He has been a handle this week to say the least. His vocabulary is increasing a lot along with lots of new things he has learned this week. Like...

  • how to open a jar of vasoline and coat himself with it
  • how to open a box of 1500 BB's and spill them on the carpet
  • how to press the water dispenser button on the fridge and watch the water run out
  • how to take his shorts and his diaper off
  • how to throw Lincoln Logs in the potty
  • how to crawl on top of the kitchen table and walk around on top of it
  • how to put a full box of raisons in the dishwasher just as I was about to run it
  • how to open my pantry box with flour and sugar in it and throw it around (on the carpet)

I promise... he really is supervised, I am just greatly outnumbered here.


  1. Oops. We have days like that here, too. :) (Usually it involves smearing herself with Daddy's deodorant. Yuck.) :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog this week.
    Michele :)

  2. I saw you over at Its Almost Naptime and HAD to come check out your blog. I'm a Mama Hen, too! Well, actually, you are Mama Hen, which is probably why I have to be Mama Hen Clucks!

    Thanks for the laugh out loud. Vasoline and BB's. I hope not on the same day!

  3. Wow, looks like your James and my Maggie are a match made in heaven:

  4. Wendy, it sounds like you had a day like I did when Sarah (3yrs when she did this)scrubbed the toilet with Nate's toothbrush all b/c I had said, if you don't put up your toothbrush, Sam, (Crawling baby at the time) is going to scrub the toilet with your t brush. She did it!