Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Toddler Talk

Just a little while ago James threw his plate from his high chair. He was done eating and that was his way of showing me. Although we have been working on this he is not quite getting it yet. He also does not seem to get "Come here, NO, NO, Pick it up, or Put it down." Amazingly though he seems to understand, "Would you like more cake?" or even, "James, please go get your shoes so we can go outside." It's amazing!

Anyway, he threw his plate. Beanie weenies, pickles, and sliced cheese went everywhere. (Yes, I desparately need to get to the store.) I went to pick it up and said, "James Daniel, you can not throw your plate! You have to leave it on the tray." The look on his face was priceless. He looked at me and then looked at the floor covered with beanie weenies and the look on his face was something like this, "Yes Momma, I CAN throw my plate on the floor. I just did it!"

Maybe we should start telling our toddlers the opposite of what we want them to do. Maybe I should write a book. If I could somehow figure out potty-training I'd be rich!


  1. You should write a book!
    As for potty training the only thing I've tried that worked was "Mommy's Potty-Training Boot Camp" (I created it myself). It goes like this -
    1. pick a week when you can be relatively homebound (this will be hard for you with older kids)
    2. tell the kid that starting on this day we will not have diapers anymore, remind them frequently that diapers are almost bye-bye
    3. on said day (with child watching) replace all diapers with underwear and put them in underwear
    4. tell them they will have to use the potty from now on but can diapers at nap and bedtime
    5. put potty in livingroom or main room (gross I know)
    6. prepare for a messy few days and lots of laundry, the first day will be tough but as the week goes on the kid eventually gets it and starts using the potty
    7. you must be strong and determined you can't let them win!
    I did this with my twin girls and it worked really well. My sisters have also tried it with their boys and it has worked. Again, none of us had bigger kids. And it is really a hard week but I had no reversion to diapers after "boot camp"!
    Just an idea. Good luck!

  2. What great posts you have. I've enjoyed reading them. I haven't thought about a Whatchamacallit in years. I used to love those. I love your tree full of nuts! Too cute. And yeah, if you write a book I'll read it and add it to my growing collection on the shelves. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll keep checking back here too.