Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tyler the Climber

Before you have your first child you dream and dream and can't wait to hold your precious new baby. I tell Tyler all the time I could not have dreamed him up if I had all of eternity. He is my firstborn, the one who made me a mommy. When I first saw him all I could think was perfection. When my mother saw him for the first time he actually took her breath away. He was a perfect beautiful baby.

He is your typical firstborn, a leader for the other kids, very responsible, very protective of them. I watch in amazement as he plays with James because he is such a natural at it. He will be a wonderful father. He can also be a little bossy at times, but he gets that honest from me. I'm a first child also. One thing I want my children to learn to be is compassionate to other people. And he is. He watches out for others and cares about them.

He loves Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Legos are a favorite right now. And he loves to climb. It has always just been "in him" to climb. I don't think he could NOT climb. One day right after we moved here Tyler decided to climb the pecan tree in our back yard. He went very high and this is a huge tree. He quickly found out it is much easier to get up than get down. It was a cold breezy day and I was standing out in the yard trying to coax him to down. It did not work. I tried climbing up on a step-ladder with my elderly father-in-law steading it for me. That did not work either. The ladder did not even come close to reaching him. Mark works about 40 minutes away so it would not have been easy for him to come home. I decided to just let him stay up there until Mark got home that night. I know that sounds so mean, but I was hoping it would teach him a lesson. Well, it got colder and ants started to bite him. My mommy heart could not stand anymore so I did what any crazy mom would do. I called the Fire Department to come and get him down. Do you know how embarrassing it was to call and say I needed them to come and get my 8 year old son down out of a tree? But the worry was more than the embarrassment so I called. We have a volunteer fire department and many of these men grew up with Mark and know our family. They came and rescued him and gave him a good talking to about tree-climbing. He still climbs a lot, but needless to say he does not go that high anymore!

He is truly an amazing boy and I can't imagine a day without him.

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  1. Tyler took my breath away too. I couldn't believe that I could love somebody that deeply with just one look. There's just no way to explain it. You've always been a great sister and you have given me 4 wonderful gifts. I love you!