Monday, September 29, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend

We had a great busy weekend. We skipped school Friday and went to Rebekah's to play for the whole day! The kids had so much fun and we love us some H's! When our oldest children were small we hardly got to visit because we had to watch them every second and referee and discipline and kiss boo-boos, etc... Now we just have James and her little precious 3 year old to keep an eye on and we can sit and visit for longer. James is starting to toddle off and wanting to play with the big kids though. Their little girl keeps him busy. She likes to mother him and we even caught her going to get a switch because she thought he needed a spanking! Besides James getting his head stuck in her front porch railing there were no major catastrophes or injuries. That is a successful day for us!

Then the best part came. I took all the kiddos to my mom's (who is the best, most incrediable, wonderful, mom to take on four kids for the night!:)) and met Mark and the H's for dinner at Chick-Fil-A (cause that's where all good Christians eat - shout out to E.!), and then we went to see Fireproof. Woo-Hoo, its a good one! GO SEE IT!

On Saturday we got to sleep late (7:30 am), which was divine. Mark and I had some errands to run and after the kids came home around lunchtime Mark had them out working in the yard. I attempted to cut the grass on the big riding lawnmower, but after I got a rope caught around the blades and Mark had to take the whole underside out and fix it I decided that might not be the best job for me. I really like to cut grass, but his lawn mower is so hard to turn and is so heavy and big, and I don't do well with it. But my sweet hubby did not get mad (on the outside anyway) and patiently fixed it. He truly is so patient and loving with all of us.

Church Sunday was really good. In Sunday School a pastor from Israel came and talked to us. He is the pastor of the only reformed church in Israel and he will be retiring in December. It was so neat to see how the Kingdom is moving forward all over the world, even when we aren't aware of it. Sunday night we got to spend time with our Lifegroup. Home again and then everyone to bed. I was asleep by 9:30 and did not do any of my Sunday night stuff like mopping or getting the kids school stuff ready. So, it will be a busy morning and I hear James waking up in there now. Got to go fix Mark's lunch!


  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend! We are actually going next weekend to see Fireproof with our Sunday School class, so I can't wait!

  2. We loved Fireproof! I'm so glad yall got to go on a double date! We miss the H's!
    Don't try to cut grass, Wendy. I did it and ended up with a brace on my arm. I don't think we're meant to do it! ;)
    Oh and that smell post about the egg...I could almost smell it! WOW! I'm cracking up though, at it being in her purse. I know it's not really funny for you..but funny for me! ;)
    Love you!