Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Country Boy

Today is PERFECT! The weather is wonderful and we do not have anywhere to go or anything to do. Mark and the boys got home and now Mark is asleep in the recliner, poor thing. He had a long night camping with the Cub Scouts in Desoto Caverns. James is asleep and the other kids are out playing. I have been piddling around and watching the Alabama game. Earlier I took James out to play. Outside is his favorite place. You can ask him if he wants to go out and he runs to get his shoes. Our friend Corla gave James a riding toy that wasn't being used at their house. He had so much fun and it's a wonder his legs aren't completely worn out from all the farming he's been doing today.

He was pretending he was cutting the grass like Mark and his little sound effects were precious. He would stop and pick up pecans and rocks and put them in his little trailer. He would then get back on, blow me a kiss, and then get right back to work!

Thank you Corla, he loves it!

P.S. Last night when I was on the phone with the heating repairman he said "Are you the lady with all the kids and all the chickens?" I guess I won't be the Old Crazy Cat Lady, I'll be the Old Crazy Chicken Lady.


  1. That is so funny! The lady with all the kids and chickens!

    So if you are the Old Crazy Chicken Lady, am I the Old Crazy Cat Lady?

    The picture of James is precious! I always think he looks like Matt, but in this picture he is looking like Tyler!

    I found a deal on mums! And the boys won their game, with J. scoring his first point but didn't count!

  2. No Rebekah - unfortunately, I am the Old Crazy Cat Lady!

  3. That baby looks so sweet I could sop him up with a biscuit! Thanks for the kind words in your last comment. Sometimes, as a Mom, seriousness creeps in too much and surprising your kids with crazy hair is a great way to shoo it back out the door!

  4. Oh Wendy! I love James on that tractor! He is the perfect little man on it! Let him ride the wheels right off that thing! I love you! You are the greatest Crazy Chicken Lady, and Matt the Chicken Whisper-er! See you Wednesday.
    Love Corla