Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday - Seen Around Here Today

Two of my children actually physically fighting IN THE PEW, IN CHURCH over the visitor's book. I had to get up and move from my seat and stop the fight and sit between them. And we are not even visitors! And we were on the 3rd row so everyone got to see.

It was a wonderful Mommy Moment! I am so just kidding!!!!!


  1. Oh, those are not the best KID moments, are they? My mom loves to tell people about the time I got tired of sitting in service (I was four) and started being a crazy child. She was going to take me out, which I knew meant trouble, so I crawled under the pews all the way to the front and stood by the minister.

    Yeah. Not a good moment for either of us!

  2. Ya'll might try sitting in the back from now on.

  3. LOL - I have been there honey! My boys fight just to fight - no vistor book needed! When the Milk Man doesnt make it to church with me and the boys act up - I tell them I am going to go get Rod. He is the church president. For some reason they settle right down and dont say a word! He is a great guy that loves kids, but my boys think he is pretty powerful I guess!! He is always joking with them and trying to get them to laugh!!!

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