Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Matt's Birthday

Today is my Matt's ninth birthday. Nines years ago today I was in the hospital waiting for my sweet epidural. He was born at 10:10 am with his head facing the wrong way and he has been contrary ever since! He is a delight and life without him would be so boring. He thrives on being contrary and loves to keep us guessing. He loves people and animals and has such a sweet heart to both. He has a mind of his own and even though he is an obedient boy and does what he knows he should do you know in his mind he thinks he knows a better way. He loves his siblings, but can also aggravate them to death. He and his Granddaddy Clark are best friends and they have a way of understanding each other that is special to watch. Mark and I constantly wonder about what kind of man he will be and we can't wait to see! Although I am loving him being 9 today!

Per Clark tradition, we had opened presents early in the morning and then had birthday cake for breakfast. He wanted chocolate and vanilla layer cake with chocolate and vanilla frosting. Since I was sick yesterday and did not have energy to look for candles after making this crazy cake he had matches for birthday candles. Yes, we are very classy around here. The only thing was you could only light two candles (matches) at a time before they went out, so he had to blow them out in shifts.


  1. Congrats from the White House on your up coming adoption.
    What a blessing to allow God to bring you the joy and love of an adopted child.You will be more blessed than you ever thought possible..


  2. Happy birthday to my most favorite 9 year old boy in the WORLD!!! I love you even though you named a chicken after me!

  3. Happy birthday, Matthew! I want a piece of that yummy cake!

    BTW, Mama Hen, I will never panic again when it comes to putting the candles on the birthday cake! :-) LOL! (I always get this feeling of sheer panic when it is time to light the candles. Every time w/o fail, I frantically think, "Oh, my goodness! Did I get the candles? Are there enough?") Now I will know that there is a back-up plan! Yea, Mama Hen!

  4. Matt, This is Nana and I love you more and more everyday. You are special in mine and PawPaw's eyes, but you are even more special in our Lord's eyes. I am so glad He gave you to us.
    Love, Mamahensmama

  5. Happy Birthday, Matt! What sweet thoughts from Mommy....

  6. Today my husband's birthday, too. October babies rock! (I'm in the club, too.) My son is now 19, and we have so many pictures of him like this without his shirt! Sometimes I wonder what his future wife will think someday, "Didn't they buy him clothes?" But it's how he loved to run around.

  7. Matthew,

    Joshua wants to send you a message:

    "Happy 9th Birthday, Matt! You look cool! Can't wait til we play again!"