Friday, October 17, 2008

T.I.R.E.D with a capital T

When I woke this morning it was a cool and rainy. It alternated between heavy downpours and light mist. It was the perfect day to cancel school, stay in my pjs, fix hot chocolate and read and watch movies with the kids all day. Guess what? That's not what happened.

First, the kids had their Geography/Missions Fair with our school group. We loaded up in the rain and were out the door by 8:00 am. We had to stop at the grocery store and get gas. Then to the Fair. Needless to say, my shower this morning was unnecessary. I got completly wet in the rain.

The Fair went great though. The oldest kids did three really good projects and they were well-behaved. James was a doll and really gave us no trouble. He pretty much sat in the stroller for 2 hours and ate raisans and watched the other kids. We had a neat buffet of different foods from the countries the kids reported on.

After we left there we went to my friend Corla's house to see her. The boys are camping tonight with their dad so I was going to have to get them to his office at 5:00. It was too far to drive home and then have to turn around and drive right back. Not to mention the cost of gas! The kids all played and even though James had not had a nap he just kept right on going. I was amazed at the lack of meltdowns. Corla and I got to visit and eat chips and salsa and talk and talk and talk some more. Shout out to Corla! Thank you for letting us come and I am expecting some Amish Friendship Bread soon!

We then drove to Mark's office and dropped the boys off. They were tired too, but ready to camp. Let me just brag on Mark for a minute. He took Abbie camping last Friday night and the boys this weekend. He is an awesome father and it amazes me how much he pours into these children. He works very long hours during the week, but we have him on the weekends and it is wonderful.

I had plans to come home, put James to bed, put in a movie for Abbie and then off to dreamland in the recliner for me. But as I walked in the door it was FREEZING. I turned on the furnace for the first time this year and went up to my inlaws to get the mail. I chatted for awhile, came downstairs and noticed the house was not any warmer. The fan was running, but no warm air. NO AIR at all! Went outside to look at the unit and it was ICED over on the top. Went back in and called Mark and then called the Heating and Air Co. that just replaced numerous parts on the furnace just three weeks ago. Basically, the inside of the furnace is frozen over. Lovely. So, it is cold here, but we'll make it. The repairman said he THINKS it will unfreeze in an hour and then I can TRY the heat again. But, we will not be nearly as cold as Mark and the boys so I should not complain. But, I am. And I'm sure I will again before morning. And again when that repairman shows in the morning. Oh well.

I'm off to wrap James in many blankets and put him to bed and then snuggle up with Abbie and watch a movie with her.
I just went to add the pics from the Missions Fair and I can't get the pictures to rotate the right way and I can't think about it right now b/c my brain if fried, but my toes are very cold!

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