Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Today was rainy, dark, and dreary outside. It was the perfect day to sleep in, cuddle up with an old quilt, drink hot chocolate, and read all day.

I did not get to to do that.

This is what I did.

Look, BooMama, A List.***

1. Got everyone up and dressed. Fixed cinnamon toast and scrambled eggs which no one ate.
2. Made a mad dash to the van in the downpour (shout out to Tyler who ran over my umbrella on his bicycle yesterday)
3. Drove forty minutes in the downpour to Community Bible Study.
4. Went to the bank
5. Went to Target (to get new earrings because the fake ones were infecting Abbie's ears.)
6. Went to LifeWay (to get Tyler a book for his Sunday School class.)
7. Went to Mark's office to take him something he forgot and to see PawPaw.
8. Came home and put James down for his nap (but he never went to sleep).
9. Took the three big kids to piano lessons.
10. Went to get gas.
11. Went to Gamestop (to buy Matt a birthday present)
12. Went to Food World (to buy food to feed my two boys who are inhaling anything ediable here)
13. Picked the kids up from piano lessons.
14. Came home to grouchy little todder who had not had his nap.
15. Cleaned up the kitchen.
16. Cooked supper.
17. Cleaned the kitchen again.
18. I am now writing this post, then putting the kids to bed, and heading there myself!.

What a day!

***I know BooMama will never visit my little humble blog, but she is my Blogging Hero. If you haven't visited her - GO! Read all her Martha stories - Oh My Goodness, it is good stuff!!!

Oh, Matt caught a cardinal Monday and he wanted me to record it for prosperity.


  1. What a busy day. Is that a REAL cardinal? Like he actually caught a real live bird?? Impressive!

  2. Wow, what a day! And I just love the photo of "James and the Peanut Butter" in the last post! Am I glad I didn't have to clean him up, hee hee!

  3. Matt, the bird whisperer!