Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today Tyler and I went to CVS while Matt and Abbie were having their piano lessons. I have been playing the "CVS game" for about a year, but today was my best day of all. With coupons and ECB bucks I got all this for $.47!

That's four Russell Stover's candies (CBS teacher presents), one bag Hershey's kisses, and 120 baby wipes. And a Hershey bar, but only because they actually owed me $3.32, but they would not give me cash back so I had to keep adding the wipes and then the Hershey bar. Tyler loves them! I think I will put the Kisses up to hand out for Saturday night movie night.
Today we went to Community Bible Study and then piano practice. We are home for the night I hope. Mark is sick. Some kind of sinus infection stuff. He went to the doctor after work last night and they gave him a shot, antibotics, and cough medicine. He went to work today, but now he is running a fever. They are very short-handed there today so he needs to stay. I hope tonight he can just rest in the recliner and go to bed early. He works so hard for us.
I found out today that the kid's piano teacher wants me to play a duet with Matt and Abbie at their recital. We'll see. I took piano lessons, but it's been a long time.
Hope everyone has a wonderful evening with their families.


  1. A duet! Wow! I wish I could be there! You know, that will really be precious! (Remember when I had the play the violin at Middle Sister's first recital? Yikes! I was more nervous than she!) But you already know what you're doing!

    What a deal at CVS! Yummy!

    Sorry to hear Mark is feeling worse.

  2. Well aren't you the little smart shopper! I wanted to put my hand through the screen and grab that candy bar! Oh please, please, please do the duet! It will be THE BEST!

  3. I LOOOOVE playing the CVS game too!!! Oh I love extra care bucks! And when you get a full rebate in the form of ECB's . . .mmmm.

  4. Nothing like a deal of the century (involving candy nonetheless) to make a day perfect!!

  5. Definitely play a duet with the kids. Heck - do something different and make it a trio!

    I was cracking up at your CVS bonanza of chocolate and baby wipes, wondering if there was some sort of correlation there....

    Make sure Mark gets lots and lots of extra fluids - preferrably warm ones - and Mucinex DM.
    Love ya

  6. Wow! What great savings! I know nothing about the CVS game so I will have to inquire about it the next time I visit one. WOW!