Thursday, November 20, 2008

One of Those Days

Abbie came running in today calling me to come see. I went and this is what I found.

He is caught in his own trap.

He made this trap to catch Tyler and somehow it got him. And yes, I did leave him hanging there so I could run inside and get the camera.

I think someone named Matt has a little too much time on his hands!


  1. Only Matt!!! Well, he needed some adventure.

  2. Too funny! I also would have left to go get the camera. Don't you love laughing with the kids?

  3. I would say "he won't try that again"...but, then again, he's a boy!! That was just the practice trap...and with a little fine tuning....!!

  4. He gets that "trapping the sibling" behavior from his father....

  5. Hey ! Is Red Mountain PCA? Because I thought it was, but then on their website, it says nothing about them being PCA and has no reference to the Westminster Confession or anything. Do you know?

    :) Mis