Monday, November 10, 2008

More Mommy-Files

How come it is either Feast or Famine around here with:

1 ~ shoes
2 ~ coats
3 ~ socks
4 ~ sippy cups ?

Right now I have 5 sippy cups and all their tops in a cabinet. Yesterday when leaving for church I had a one sippy cup and one top. Neither matched each other.


  1. That is too funny! My biggest headache right now? A four year old who "can't" put her coat on. Or hang it up. Or take it off. Apparently being a big girl does not include anything to do with wearing a coat.

  2. I would add to that list,
    5 - Hairbows
    6 - Tylenol/Ibuprofen
    7 - Pens/Pencils
    8 - Diapers!

  3. I second on the shoes!

    A common song around here? "Where, oh where, are Little Sister's shoes? Oh where, or where can they be? They might be in the van, or they might be in the yard. Oh where, oh where, can they be?"

  4. Please don't even talk to me about shoes. The baby has I think 5 pairs of shoes. I can find one complete pair. It's the same with all of mine, though the older ones might have three or four pair in their current sizes. I'm glad they can put one pair together in twenty minutes with five children when we have to leave the house and run errands!