Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Saturday

Today was the perfect Saturday. Beautiful weather, no places to go, no Scout outings. It was so nice just to be at home. James was out playing today in the garden so I took my camera out to take some pictures. I thought I would take a few more so I could remember this beautiful day.
My Little House. Laura Ingalls Wilder said she liked living in little houses. I do too. Someone said you don't have to have a big house to have lots of children. You just have to know how to stack them right! My Sweet Hubby tilling the dirt in the old garden. Can you hear my heart going "Pitter-Patter" from there?
One of our pear trees. The leaves are turning golden now.

Some of the girls and the Big Rooster. They like the nice weather too. They are getting pretty old and don't lay well now. I guess we'll be getting new chicks in the spring.

Our grape, scuppernong, and muscadine vines. They are pretty much bare now.
My swing. Mark got this for me for Mother's Day year before last and I LOVE it. I can sit and watch the kids play and see the whole yard. James can swing by me in the baby swing. It is under an oak tree that gives so much shade in the summer.
I am off to bathe the baby, get him in bed, and then we are having our family movie night. I've got hot chocolate and whipped cream for our treat.
Hope you had a wonderful day too!


  1. Awww Wendy, I took a picture of our ONE tree yesterday! It has red leaves on it and it's BEAUTIFUL! I love this weather....

  2. Hot chocolate with whipped cream! I'm coming down!

  3. Great pics! I love muscadines and scuppernongs. You have great property!

  4. Great pictures! Just sorting through the pictures made me .... relax. *sigh*