Monday, December 1, 2008

Days Like This

Today was a Monday, that's about all I can say about it right now. Well, actually I can say a lot more about it and I'm sure I will.

School was hard today. Lots of schoolwork, one toddler, many squabbles, tired momma who did not sleep well last night, no Monday morning pep talk with Rebekah, the first day back from a four day school break, you name it. But tomorrow will be better. Usually after we have a very stressful school day the next one is much better.

Then, to the feed store to buy chicken food. Next, the dreaded shoe store. All four children and myself needed shoes. I clearly stated all the rules before we went in, but I guess all four of them need hearing aids because none of it stuck. I came out of that store literally shaking. Tyler is now wearing a men's size shoe, which I cannot wrap my mind around, and they did not have what we needed for him at the store we were at. So, after much yelling in the car (yes, I broke my rule about no more yelling at the kids) we were set to go to the next place.

They were very good and we got what we needed. Yeah!!!! I really did not want to have to go to the mall. My nerves were already shot. Anyway, we were walking out and there were quite a few people all around us. Abbie says, "Were we good Momma?" I said, "Yes, you were very good in that store." Matt says, (remember, there are people all around us) " Can we have dry toast tonight for supper? Will you let us have some jelly?"

All I could think was that I wish I had a Star Trek transporter to transport me out of that place!


  1. That is so funny! Did you allow water with that dry toast? LOL Just kidding!

  2. Wendy! Send those babies over to my house! I'll feed them. Bless their poor little hearts.. yeah, yeah, yeah. Where do they get this stuff????