Thursday, December 11, 2008

My 100th Post and First Giveaway!

ARGGGGGGG!!!! Do you hear me yelling from there? I just wrote a whole post about it being my birthday and my 100th post and having to drive downtown in the rain, and somehow I just deleted it! ARGGGG!!!! Just so you know, when you hit "Save As Draft" it does NOT Save It As a Draft.

Anyway, today is my birthday. The kids will be waking up soon and I will get all my sweet little cards they make me. Mark makes sure they make me a card the night before and I have saved them all.

I enjoy posting and meeting new friends and catching up with old ones so much through this blog. I don't scrapbook so this is an easy way for me to remember all the things my kids do and say and write what I am thinking about that day.

Just for fun, I would like to know who is reading this here old blog. I happen to know some are reading, but not commenting (you lurkers you!) so this is your chance to delurk. I am having my first -ever giveaway.

Included is a Snowflake picture frame, a yummy cinnamon candle, a bag filled with yummy chocolates, and a $10 Target gift card. All you have to do is comment and tell me "How many times you think I will get lost downtown today." Just kidding, but believe me, if the past is any indication it will be a lot. No, tell me "What is your favorite cake (or pie in my case), they you like for your birthday." Mine would have to be lemon or key lime. And I happen to know my Sweet Hubby has a key lime pie waiting for me in the fridge! He is the bestest hubby ever. So just comment and be sure to put your email address in the comment if you don't have a blog. I'll mail it to anywhere in the US. Sorry Joy, but my kids are expecting Christmas presents this year:). By the way, if you haven't gone to visit Joy at A Joyful Keeper, you need to. She is on my blogroll and I wish she was my neighbor.

I'll keep this open until midnight tonight and then let one of my sweet little children whom I'm sure has a wonderful present for dear mommy, draw a name in the morning. I'll get it mailed out this weekend.

Thank you for all your sweet and funny comments in the past. They make my day!


  1. I like cheesecake for my birthday.I love keylime pie. yummy

  2. Hello!

    Happy Birthday to you! What a fun idea to do a giveaway for it.

    I started reading here about a month ago when I asked for recomendations of good blogs to read. I really like the title of your blog, it's so true.

    Take Care,

    farmhomelife at

  3. Happy Birthday!! I like German Chocolate cake the best and our mother-in-law sure makes a good one. If you need any help in the downtown traffic, let me know. I work down there, so maybe I can help with directions.

    I decided the day after Thanksgiving to do something all the young folks are doing and this is it. Love yours. Really like to imagine the kids doing the things you say. It really is a neat way to keep up.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BESTEST SISTER IN THE WORLD!!! My favorites are the Apple Cake that Grandmother used to make me, Blackberry cobbler and Peach cobbler. I hope you have a great day and by the way, I think you'll get lost twice on the way and twice on the way home!

  5. I love key lime pie, but for my birthday? Cheesecake! Happy Birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday Wendy! My favorite b'day dessert is lemon meringue pie that my mom makes for me!

    Kerrie McNeal

  7. Happy Birthday Wendy! I hope your day is blessed! When I drive in the city I don't get lost, I just turn the wrong way on one way watch out for that! I love ANY cake or pie! Unless it's made with something like dog food, but I'm pretty easy to please. This year I had a raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake...yummy...
    Have a blessed day!

    I love a special chocolate cake recipe that we have in our family. . . it is the best!

  9. Many Happy Returns!!!
    My favorite is red velvet cake, but since my birthday was in June, the icing would melt, so Mom and Dad did the next best thing - sliced open a watermelon and stuck candles in it. Voila! Instant no-bake "cake".
    Happy Birthday, and thanks for marrying my brother. It makes him happy!

  10. Happy Birthday Wendy! I do enjoy reading your blog often but don't always comment. Sorry! Hope you do not get lost today in the rain at all. So I predict none! And I am such a chocolate girl. So my favorite cake would definitely be a moist fluffy chocolate cake with yummy thick chocolate icing.

    Enjoy your birthday!!!

    This is my first comment on your blog but enjoy reading it everyday.
    My favorite birthday cake is red velvet just cause that is what I remember so much about my birthday cakes growing up. My mom always made me one and I loved it. I do wish you a blessed day.
    Michelle Campbell

  12. Happy Happy Birthday!!!!! I am praying you don't get lost and have a stress free trip!!! ;)

    My favorite cake for my bday is butterfinger cake - mmmmmmmmm. I want some now!!!!:)

  13. Happy Birthday, my oldest child. I remember well. It rains that day. We had a flat on the way to the hospital. I was supposed to be induced that day and when I got there at 8:00 that morning I was in labor and didn't even know it. They broke my water at 9:00 and I had you at 11:22. You were and are a blessing.

  14. Happy Birthday Sweet Wendy. I hope that you have a great 29th birthday and many more tocome. My favorite cake is the plain and simple yellow cake with chocolate icing. I check your blog every day but never comment but I promise I will start. Have a great day and DON"T GET LOST

  15. Hey Momma! Let's see, for my birthday I usually have cherry pie or cheesecake but I also love a simple buttery yellow cake with chocolate icing also key lime is good so is peach pie and...well I could go on for hours. Happy Birthday from one Alabama country girl to another!

  16. Hi Wendy!
    I found your blog through your comment on Rachel's blog. : )
    I like any cake or pie that my husband and children are inclined to bake for me! I usually let them surprise me, but if I got to choose, I would probably choose strawberry cheesecake.
    Happy Birthday to you!

  17. woohoo!
    Good to know I should give something away when I make it to 100.
    Key lime?? In winter?? I can only eat foods in their intended seasons!
    I really love "Sunshine Cake". With all the fruit and light whipped topping, it's the best!

    Much love and wishes for 45, oh I mean 29 more.

  18. Happy birthday!! maybe one day you will catch up with me! My favorite cake for my birthday is, make that red, no, it is definitely yellow with chocolate icing or maybe double chocolate, oh phooey i like'em all i give up this question is no fair..

  19. hey it's Steph...i do the whole blog thing but i love to read...Happy Birthday! I love you. I need to visit more often. I don't know you as well as I should.

  20. Ohhh. . .I missed the first giveaway! (weather-induced internet problems) How could I miss such a big moment in your life?

    Sooo. . .how many times DID you get lost? ;-)

  21. I like a chewy brownie with vanilla ice cream and hot caramel on top. Happy Birthday Wendy. I love you still, and am so proud of you.

  22. Happy Belated Birthday!!! And congratulations on your 100th post too! I'm glad I dropped in to see how you were going. Hope you had a great day, and have a wonderful Christmas.