Friday, December 12, 2008

The Winner

My Abbie was up at 6:52 AM this morning wanting to draw the name for the giveaway. She has taken this very seriously and monitered all the comments yesterday. She is ready to do another giveaway today. I told her we might need to wait a little while. But enough chit-chat. The winner is

Lisa from Tales of a Soon-To-Be-Soccer Mom
Lisa has two of the cutest little girls ever and you should run to her blog right now and tell her congrulations! I still don't know how to do links though so we will just all send her happy congratulation thoughts! I will email you Lisa and get your address. I will be out and about tomorrow and will put it all in the mail for you.
Today, we will be doing school and then this afternoon Abbie has her American Heritage Girl Christmas Party and then we will be walking in a Christmas parade tonight. It's pretty cold so it will be interesting to see how 50 little elementary girls who are used to 60 degree winters will do with the coldness. And how thjose mommas will too!
By the way, I only got lost once yesterday. And it was a controlled lost. I knew I was going in the wrong direction while I was doing it so it was not too hard to turn around. Just so you know I am not completely impaired the big intersection thing that takes you into downtown is called "Malfunction Junction." So I know I must not be the only one!


  1. Hey Wendy - Come visit me in Philadelphia and we'll drive through NYC, Philly, and some other entertaining spots. I think you'll appreciate Birmingham's version of Malfunction Junction more, although that IS a lousy merge point.
    Miss you guys - the kids Christmas package is in the mail!

  2. No thanks Mollie, I would love to come visit you but I don't want to be the driver!

  3. Well, pooey! I can't believe I didn't win. I'll have to coach Abbie next time!

  4. Congrats to Lisa!

    Have a great weekend friend!