Sunday, December 7, 2008

This and That

1. Congratulations to Aunt Sister for running her first run. She ran in the Jingle Bell Run and completed with a great time! I am so proud of her! She is the best sister in the world and she's always trying new things like this.

2. The nursing home visit went great Friday. All the kids were well-behaved and we only lost one the whole time! Fortunely, it was not one of mine THIS TIME. The offending child was quickly found without much fanfare. Matt and Abbie did great on their solos and Tyler played his song beautifully. Matt loved being at the nursing home and is already talking about when he can go back. Driving home he told me he wanted to work in a nursing home. I said "Yeah, maybe you could be a doctor and work with old people." He said, "No, I want to be the ENTERTAINER!" Then as an aside he said, "Or the cook." Well then.

3. The piano recital went well. They played well and looked very handsome and beautiful. I did my two parts with only minor messups. The rest of the time was just one crazy Clark Chaos Moment after another. Mark was sitting behind me and got me so tickled I had to get up and leave. Then at the reception I opened a 2L Grapico for Abbie and it spewed all over the place. It was a mess. When we walk into a room we just need to go ahead and announce, "Hi, we are the Clarks and your home/room/church will never be the same again."

4. I need to brag on Mark this weekend. Yesterday he went to Wal-Mart for me and did not get upset when I kept calling him on his cell phone for just one more thing. He then came home and fixed my oven. It took forever for the part to come in. Now I can cook at my own house again! And then he worked on our messed up chicken coop. He also got a bunch of customer calls yesterday that were irritating to say the least. He was the best looking man at the recital hands down and when he asked what was for supper and I said, "I have no earthly idea" he didn't say a word. I love this man!!!!


  1. I'm glad the recital went well! Were you nervous?

    Also glad the oven is fixed! Mine went out last night. The girls and I were having "girl time" (aka craft time)while the guys were gone watching the game, and suddenly, we noticed a fire in the pre-heating oven! Yikes!

    Maybe it can be fixed soon. . . .

  2. Sister & Rebekah, what's up with the broken ovens??? Sister, I probably should have told you that I saw Abbie drop that Grapico earlier - oops!!!

  3. Great! I'm glad that the visit to the nursing home went well! I am sure that the elderly people truly enjoyed the entertainment. What a sweet and precious thing for your family to do.

    Have a great week!

  4. Must be something in the air!!! My oven in out too!!!! it has been for more than a month. It is one of the wall ovens so they are very expensive to fix and/or replace so we are making do with a bigger sized toaster oven my mom was so gracious to lend us!! It is very irritating not having an oven!!!! :)

  5. Our's is only 5 years old and it has more than one problem! The door is messed up which would call for the entire door to be replaced and there is an element out and possibly something else electric!! So, basically it would cost just as much to get the parts and fix it as it would to get a new one. We found one at Mazer's that is a resonable price so we will probably make do until we can save up enough money!!! Thanks for the offer of info though!:)