Monday, December 8, 2008


Will someone please comment and tell me what year this is? Because this day has gone on and on and on for at least 3 years and I am confused. Nothing terrible has happened today, but it just won't end. I think the clock is stuck. Is this like Ground Hog Day? My husband loves this movie, I don't.

The day started out with a water main breaking, (bursting, busting) in our front yard. So glad it was on the water company's side and they came out to fix it. But we have been having water issues all day, yucky muddy water, no water, etc... Hopefully it is all cleared up now.

Then normal school and housework. I bit the bullet and cleaned out the van today. Except of course the dustbuster was not charged so that part will have to wait until tomorow. Matt got stuck (trapped) in a bunch of vines in the Secret Fortress (a big thicket in our yard) and that took some doing to get him out.

I have lost my planner notebook and I feel very lost myself. I really need to find this.

A trip to Target, Winn-Dixie, and the church to take the boys to Scouts.

Did I mention I have lost my planner?


  1. I am still looking at my house for the planner. Did you call Rebekah?

  2. I hate that movie too. My husband loves it. What's up with that? Obviously, these men wish to relive their days and do not have the kinds of days that they wish would just end already and never return, ever, ever, ever, EVER again!
    PS, Sorry, I haven't see your planner, either! :)

  3. Look in the bottom of that big bag you brought to my house!

  4. Who would ever give you such a big bag anyway? Did I say you needed 2?