Monday, February 16, 2009

Maybe WE are the X-Files

Whistling girls and crowing hens
Will always come to some bad end...
I mentioned before that we have some crazy animals around here. I have tried to dismiss it as I am raising children alongside the animals and I hope it is not my influence that is throwing all the crazy around here. BUT, anyway... one day I will devote a full post to the animal weirdness around here and then you can decide for yourself.
Saturday morning was wonderful with a capital W. Everyone (including James) was sleeping late. (For us 7:30 am is late). I was laying in bed half asleep just thinking about the lazy day ahead and the Val party that night. Then, I heard this strange noise. Sort of a choking, screaming type noise. Being the mom of four I laid there for a minute before I jumped up. Strange noises are commonplace around here. Then it sounded again. Mark said, "What was that?" It sounded again so he sent Abbie (who was watching cartoons) to check on the back porch. She opened the back door and announced it was just Pearl trying to lay an egg. In case you forgot, Pearl is the bantam hen who lives on our back porch. Again the sickening noise. I told Mark he better go check to make sure she didn't have an impacted egg. Yes, we say things like that around here. He felt of my legs to make sure they weren't broke and then begrudgingly got up and checked her out. He came back, climbed in the bed, and said matter of factly, "The stupid chicken is trying to crow." Yes, she was on top of her box craning out her neck trying to crow. Why, I don't know. And she hasn't done it again since then. Between the crowing and the BAM, BAM of my neighbors shooting it's all kind of crazy around here.
Rebekah says it might be the well water. Thanks, Rebekah, that makes me feel lots better.


  1. I'm doubled over, laughing hysterically! Oh, how funny!

    Take Care,


  2. Please tell your crazy animal stories SOON!!! The frog is definitely the climax! ;-)

    I think our animals are normal; it's the neighbor's animals I'm worried about up here. . . .

  3. When we used to live just outside of DC, I would lay in bed and listen to this screaming noise that sounded like a child or baby in horrible pain. I'd get up and check my kids, but it wasn't them. One of our neighbors finally recorded the sound and compared it to all sorts of recorded sounds online. He identified the animal as a lynx. In the suburbs!

  4. Wendy,your world is so different from mine...

  5. We don't get our water from a well.
    i think you and Rebekah's lucy and ethel antics are rubbing off on the live stock

  6. Ha, Ha, Ha Pappa Rooster. She meant we water the garden from the well and then we eat the food. And in the summer we do water the animals from the well. Rebekah and I have it all figured out!

    Love you honey! Red Beans and Rice for supper tonight!

  7. Hey, I'm calling you tomorrow!! I think you needs some help!

  8. This is crazy!